Depositing with the University of Oxford Text Archive

The OTA is accepting deposits into its collection. As long as your work fits in with our collection policy -- basically literary or linguistic primary source research material of interest to UK Higher Education -- then we may be interested in archiving a copy. Deposits need to be of sufficient quality and come with good documentation. Some formats are less suitable for preservation and we may not be able to guarantee that these remain usable in the future. We may refuse deposits that are in an unsuitable format or for a variety of other reasons. Deposit may be subject to a financial charge.

Please note also that resources deposited with the OTA will be made available for re-use in education and academic research. We are no longer able to take copies of datasets which are not made freely available, except in exceptional circumstances, and then subject to a financial charge.

Potential depositors can download the relevant forms in the deposit pack (zip file, 27 Kb).

Please get in touch with us at by email at and we'll be happy to explain the options.